Akane (crowchan) wrote in strange_magick,

Slumber time! ...Or not?

Aithne was one of the few having a slumber-filled, peaceful night. That is, until the telepathist's destruction of his room. Due to their room's close proximity, the walls and floor all around shuddered violently with the assault. What the...? she thought, wondering just what the hell was going on. Groaning with protest, she slowly dragged herself from bed and made it to the door, not even glancing over at her room mate. Within a few seconds, she was in the hallway, watching as traumatized Rosin was carried down the corridor to the infermatory. I hope he's okay� she thought to herself before blinking a few times with dazed confusion, still not completely awake. She shrugged the whole matter into some far recess of her mind. Surely she'd hear what happened sooner or later so what was the need to investigate?

Unluckily for her, though, due to the abrupt awakening, the red haired female was no longer tired and was forced to find a draining activity to rid herself of her newfound energy. What better to do than practice my magick?she asked herself as she quietly crept down the hallway to a practicing room. She had already noticed the dreary weather outside and thought it best not to play with electricity in the rain. She could withstand a powerful electric shock but just in case someone else was out there...it was best not to chance it.

Aithne encountered no trouble on her way to a private, secluded room in her black pjs, making no noise as she opened the room's door and softly closed it behind her. The area was about ten by ten feet, not too terribly big yet it had enough room for her to practice her skills in. It was also a room made for people of the spark skill, built with materials of high melting points and low electric conductivity. Moving to the center of the room, she closed her emerald eyes and focused. Her casting time had lowered considerably since she had attended the school yet she still needed some concentration time beforehand. All of a sudden, an intense beam of dark, tangled bolts of electricity was released from pressured palms, attacking the nearest wall and dissipating shortly afterwards; just a simple warm-up attack for her. Defense was Aithne's weakest area. Try as she might, she still suffered a terrible time trying to create an electric barrier around her form. She had always believed defense to be a useless skill. Why would you need it if you attacked first? Yet, it was one skill she simply could not master and that's what irked her the most.

Focusing once more, she pressed her palms together and emitted a thin stream of lightning, manipulating it to cover her form in a slightly bigger sphere yet, after a few moments, it collapsed, sending bolts of deadly electricity all around the room. She swore a steady line of curse words before trying again. She couldn't even create the most simplistic of barriers.

Suffice it to say, Aithne spent many hours that early morning trying to accomplish what she could not, only returning her bed once she felt the energized air from the warmth of the sun around her. Completely exhausted, she barely managing to tuck herself in before drifting into a deep sleep.
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