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Thursday, January 15th, 2004

Subject:Slumber time! ...Or not?
Posted by:crowchan.
Time:3:05 am.
Aithne was one of the few having a slumber-filled, peaceful night. That is, until the telepathist's destruction of his room. Due to their room's close proximity, the walls and floor all around shuddered violently with the assault. What the...? she thought, wondering just what the hell was going on. Groaning with protest, she slowly dragged herself from bed and made it to the door, not even glancing over at her room mate. Within a few seconds, she was in the hallway, watching as traumatized Rosin was carried down the corridor to the infermatory. I hope he's okay� she thought to herself before blinking a few times with dazed confusion, still not completely awake. She shrugged the whole matter into some far recess of her mind. Surely she'd hear what happened sooner or later so what was the need to investigate?

Unluckily for her, though, due to the abrupt awakening, the red haired female was no longer tired and was forced to find a draining activity to rid herself of her newfound energy. What better to do than practice my magick?she asked herself as she quietly crept down the hallway to a practicing room. She had already noticed the dreary weather outside and thought it best not to play with electricity in the rain. She could withstand a powerful electric shock but just in case someone else was out was best not to chance it.

Aithne encountered no trouble on her way to a private, secluded room in her black pjs, making no noise as she opened the room's door and softly closed it behind her. The area was about ten by ten feet, not too terribly big yet it had enough room for her to practice her skills in. It was also a room made for people of the spark skill, built with materials of high melting points and low electric conductivity. Moving to the center of the room, she closed her emerald eyes and focused. Her casting time had lowered considerably since she had attended the school yet she still needed some concentration time beforehand. All of a sudden, an intense beam of dark, tangled bolts of electricity was released from pressured palms, attacking the nearest wall and dissipating shortly afterwards; just a simple warm-up attack for her. Defense was Aithne's weakest area. Try as she might, she still suffered a terrible time trying to create an electric barrier around her form. She had always believed defense to be a useless skill. Why would you need it if you attacked first? Yet, it was one skill she simply could not master and that's what irked her the most.

Focusing once more, she pressed her palms together and emitted a thin stream of lightning, manipulating it to cover her form in a slightly bigger sphere yet, after a few moments, it collapsed, sending bolts of deadly electricity all around the room. She swore a steady line of curse words before trying again. She couldn't even create the most simplistic of barriers.

Suffice it to say, Aithne spent many hours that early morning trying to accomplish what she could not, only returning her bed once she felt the energized air from the warmth of the sun around her. Completely exhausted, she barely managing to tuck herself in before drifting into a deep sleep.
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Subject:Excerpts from Airyn's journal entry
Posted by:airyn.
Time:12:51 am.
Mood: drained.
Airyn slumbers peacefully, paying no heed to the world around her. Under the covers, tightly clutched in her hand, is the journal. All of her fears, uncertainties, and observations have been drained into this small volume, to be read only by her:

This water is dripping constantly, a reminder of the leaking in my mind and heart, my heart of pain—who causes the pain? Me or my friends or my love or its loss? Who is she to replace my love, to come bearing her name (or blood, in the least)…I awoke with a crash of realization. Realizing her, me, her loss, but it turned out to be only a missing wall and a shattered door. Symbolism surpasses my own thoughts with its reality…

…Under this canopy of frozen glass I am shielded and sheltered, for no longer do I fear the wrath of my own hand—she will protect me even in death, as she says in her love…

…With what have these crashings joined, deafening my head with their sounds? Only in the torrents of wind and fear, displacement of agony, can such actions occur, yet one has destroyed stone (not far from me at all) and in my own denial, I will not acknowledge it. Rather, I will attend its presence as I would a stingless wasp, without restraint, reigning caution to please the onlookers of the battle between enraged insect and mortal human…

…and thus, under no circumstances shall I tend to my own fears in matters of such. Pain? Love? What arrogance could I possess to rid myself these filthy discrepancies upon my particular being? Do not desert me now, my love, for one of your own bloodline has come to torment me with memories of you. Shall I or shall I not seek out such mysteries as her, understanding the deathless remedies that arise within the walls of this institution? Perhaps I am trapped, or perhaps I am free.

Drip. Drip. Drip. It continues. I end.
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Wednesday, January 14th, 2004

Subject:I gotta lot of what it takes to get along!
Posted by:kainsilkfist.
Time:2:01 pm.
Mood: mischievous.
Huh? What was that?

Rick stepped out of his room, listening intently to the empty hall. He could have sworn he heard footsteps, then a faint splash.

A water witch is around here somewhere... or else the maids spilled a pitcher of water.

He looked carefully at the floor up and down the hall. No puddles, no maids... it was a water witch for sure.

His eye did catch a faint glint infront of the door next to his. Distracted for a moment, he glared at it.

Is it a trap? He examined it carefully, no wires or anything of the sort were visible. He tapped it, wincing in preperation for a tidal wave or some other magickal trap... but nothing happened.

"Hot damn! Money for me!" He scooped it up with a wide grin, which was quickly shattered by an audible "Ahem!" from behind him. He turned quickly with a start. It was rare anyone ever sneaked up behind him, but the prospect of money had him distracted.

A rather attractive witch was standing there, with an appraising look in her eye as it passed up and down, inside and out Rick.

"Thank you kindly for finding my earring sir." She said with a friendly, yet stern voice. "I must have dropped it on my way out of my room."

Rick examined the name on the door. McDonald. "Wha... huh? OH! This... right... there you go then." He said sheepishly as he handed it over. "I was just on my way to find you..."

"Right..." She said with an almost inperceptible roll of her eye. "Why haven't you been cleaning up the rubble with the other professors?" She questioned the shady looking man.

"The what? I just got here a few hours ago..."

"The explosion. A poor young telekinetic witch had an accident. He blew his whole wall out onto the grounds. Hes in the infirmary, quite traumatized."

"Thats a cryin' damn shame miss... say? Would a gem like you care for a cup of tea?" His grin back in full force.

Rolling her eyes completely this time, and shaking her head a bit, she walked on down the hall. "I, like you, have work to do. Good day." She had recognized the earring, and was taking it swiftly back to its owner.

As soon as the hall was empty again... "Double damn! Just when a guy thinks hes catching a break."

Disappointed in the loss of the free money, Rick begins his slow stroll to the headmistress' office.
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Subject:And all I really want to do is find a way to go on through
Posted by:oceanwhisper.
Time:3:56 am.
Mood: distressed.
Michi's black mary jane's tapped lightly against the castle's stone floor as she walked swiftly through an unfamiliar hallway. It was about eight in the morning now. After her disturbing dream the water witch had been unable to get any sleep, her mind too crammed full of questions demanding to be answered. She had gotten up from bed around 7, bleary eyed from lack of sleep, showered, and dressed in her school uniform. A crisp white long sleeved blouse and blue plaid skirt that went to her mid thigh. She was infiltrating the professor's hallway... Where all of their quarters were. Students weren't allowed in this area generally, but she needed to speak to Professor McDonald about her dream. All instinct was pointing to the dream being more than just that... And if this was so, she needed advice, and fast.
I just hope no professors or residence staff catch me... Something tiny bumped against her cheek and she paused in surprise to swat it away. Damn fly... I'm walking here! After a sufficient enough glare at the insect, she continued down the corridor until she came across a room with the name "McDonald" on the door. Raising a hand to knock she suddenly stopped herself. What if the professor wasn't there? What if another individual should hear the insistent tapping and come to her aid... Seeing a student in a restricted area. Slowly her hand travelled back to her side as doubt took over. Suddenly to her left there was a creaking a few doors down. Panic engulfed the renegade student and she squeezed her eyes shut in a sudden adrenaline induced attempt to escape. Her body began to shimmer and become transparent. Let's just hope my clothes can make it with me this time... She had only begun learning how to phase at the end of the last semester and was still getting used to the entire act, let alone getting her clothes to complete the phase with her. She could feel her entire being falling away into the liquid form and suddenly everything around her seemed to become a blur as she took the shape of a puddle on the floor. Time to get the hell out of here! She slid across the corridor back the way she came, moving with incredible speed since being freed of her awkward human form. Zipping up and down stairs and halls she made it back to the East Tower and the safety of room 54. Slipping underneath the crack between the door and the floor, she entered the room silently. Satisfied with her escape she concentrated once more and felt her liquid shape getting pushed and pulled in all sorts of directions. Reality rushed back as the room took shape around her. The girl ran her hands over her body. Okay, clothes count... Let's see, shirt, check. Skirt, check. Shoes and socks, check check. Jewelry... check check check ch- what the-?? Running a hand over her left ear made it apparent that her diamond earring that DJ had given to her for her 15th birthday was missing. And Michi knew exactly where it was... Lost to her for good in the professor's hallway. She sat down on her bed with a huff as Wakusei woke up to all the commotion. "Wha-? Whaaat's goin' on...?" Michi's friend asked with sleepy confusion. Still lost in her own thoughts the violet haired girl didn't hear a word. She exhaled a frustrated sigh. "Well, shit."
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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004

Subject:A fly in my soup
Posted by:kainsilkfist.
Time:6:14 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
Ricks quarters were fairly silent over the next few hours. Occasionally a faculty member would walk by, talking about an accident in one of the towers. Subconciously Rick ignored it and remained asleep. Outside the rain had picked up some, the clouds blocking out the morning light. All was quiet and quite normal.

Until a faint noise drifted in Ricks ear. The buzz of a fly. Immediately he sprang to conciousness, his dagger in hand. He rarely slept with out it. Despite his rude awakening he made sure not to open eyes, move, or even disrupt his breathing. Slowly he opened one eye to a squint and peered about. The fly had apparently stopped buzzing about, and he couldn't locate it. He lay motionless, pushing his hearing almost beyond the point of his endurance.

A moment later he heard it again. It was close, just off the left side of his bed. With out wasting another moment he dove into the inner most reaches of his soul, calling upon the gift he was born with. All light was drained from his room. Not even the best eyes in the world could see in total absence of light.

Next, Rick moved to his feet and slid off his bed. He was careful with his wieght distribution, but the springs still made a little noise. Once on his feet he made no noise at all. He was still barefoot and the hard stone floor was the perfect surface for silent movement.

Somewhere in the darkness the fly buzzed about some more. Rick stayed on the move, not even allowing his assailant the ability to guess his location. This game of sound played on for quite awhile, until finally the silence was broken.

Somewhere to Ricks right, where he had been a few moments earlier, he heard the distinct swish of a blade missing its target followed by the shuffle of feet. Quickly he allowed light to return to the room. The attack was an elderly man, hunched over with a dagger in hand. Rick then used more Magick, focusing all the light in the room directly into the mans eyes. The elder man dropped his dagger and groaned in pain. Rick was careful to shield his own eyes to avoid blinding.

Once again alowing the light ot return to normal, Rick sprang from his position and brought his own blade to the attackers throat, pinning him against the wall.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here Rufus?" He scowled, obviously annoyed by his disturbed sleep.

"You are here three months ahead of schedule Rick, we had to make sure you didn't fail to obtain the sceptre." The old man croaked back, still rubbing his eyes.

Rick stepped back and sheathed his dagger. "Are these tests really necesary mate? I mean, I'm tired of getting attacked every few days. Rattles my nerves..."

"We have to test our own, you know. We can't have any failures. Always on your toes, as we say."

"I'm not one of your own. I'm an independent contractor. Lay off." Rick sat back down on his bed and watched the crooked old man grope about the room, still blind.

"Still... the sceptre Rick. What of the sceptre."

"Its safe."

"So soon, you weren't supposed to be here until late fall, and we haven't heard any reports..."

Rick cut Rufus off. "When I say I'll get the giddy job done, I mean it. Do you blame me for being far faster and twice as efficient than your own kind? The story will probably hit the papers in a couple weeks time. Lay off you old git!"

"I come for another reason as well. There are many in this school who can delve into minds. You need the proper serums to block out them out."

"My mate in Dublin helped me out. It took him awhile to get the ingredients, but its done."

Rufus had finally followed Ricks voice and now sat on the bed next to him. It even appeared as if his vision was returning a bit. His crackled voice was already making Rick feel sick. "We don't trust your matie in Dublin. You will drink our own serum." The old man produced a vile. It contained a blueish liquid.

"Demanding the morning aren't we?" Rick said sarcastically as he took the vile. Before drinking it he sniffed it. "Poison. Wyvern blood. I'm disappointed mate, thats the best you can do?"

"Rick your the stuff of legends." Croaked Rufus.

"...and your a pain in the ever-lovin' ass." Replied Rick with a grin. He handed the vile back. "Would you care to stop trying to test me, or kill me as I call it. Its right rude you know..."

"Very well." Rufus put the poison vile away and produced a second one and handed it over. Rick smelled it, and swirled it around a bit. Once satisfied he quaffed it in one gulp. He twisted his face for a moment, as it tasted vile. "Good, good!" Rufus started again. "My business is done here. Tread carefully Rick. There are wise witches here. Send word when your job is done."

"Right, off you go then. When I'm done you'll hear straight away."

Rufus, an animagi, morphed back into a fly and buzzed away.

The Downwinders aren't what they used to be.... and they wonder why their numbers are so small. Those bloody tests are right burtal. Thought Rick as he changed into cleaner clothes from his pack. His meeting was still an hour off, but there was no sense in sleeping again.

I just hope this job goes off with out a hitch. Then I can retire in style at the age of twenty five.
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Sunday, January 11th, 2004

Posted by:oceanwhisper.
Time:9:36 pm.
Mood: bored.
OOC means Out Of Character, just for anyone who doesn't know... And I thought it made sense for all out of character posts made by anyone in the future to be titled OOC, and nothing else. It's straight forward and serves it's purpose.

Anyways! My real reason for posting...

We've got a Yahoo group now! Yay! Laurie and I thought it would be a good place to post images, song lyrics, poems, and anything else that HAS TO DO WITH SM, but that isn't an actual part of the story post. So go, post whatever you wish and have fun with it.

And for those of you who said you "hate yahoo" and don't want anything to do with the group, that's fine I suppose... But it does make me really sad. T.T

Here's the link Strange Magick Group

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Saturday, January 10th, 2004

Subject:A Kiss to the Rain...?
Posted by:earthangelmisha.
Time:12:54 am.
Mood: anxious.


The rain fell like rapidly but not heavily, as if the heavens were crying down to the earth below. Lightning does not yet streak across the grey skies and nor does it threaten to do so - Clover probably wouldn't be sitting in the tall tree if it had looked that way.

She holds her head high, eyes closed away from the world as if she were meditating; the rain does not seem to soak her even though it might appear that way to some, but rather clense her. Her hair is a subdued tone from the percipitation and she holds a dark green cloak closely to her body; one might think she blends in almost perfectly to the tree.

Serebi is not here - should I feel lonely? But even with her around, I am never truly alone...however... Clover turns her head gently at what sounds to be the gentle noise of talking. Who...?

Gently sliding along the branch of the tree, her hands move to steady herself as she approaches the window she hadn't seemed to have noticed earlier.

Peering in, an eyebrow raises then.

Airyn? This was her room..?

Had it been merely coicindental or had it some other meaning? Either way, the red-head continues to look into the window, growing more and more curious of what Dharba's kin is up to... Not thinking much of it, she places a hand on the tiny sill; another one rests on the pane of the window to steady herself - hopefully no one unwanting will notice...
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Friday, January 9th, 2004

Subject:A stubborn whim (Airyn's thoughts and my post--Chris and Bridget make me sad with their non-posting)
Posted by:airyn.
Time:11:37 pm.
Mood: frustrated.
Airyn awakes with a yawn. Blinking rapidly, she peers into the darkness of the room—not even dawn yet. Aithne, peacefully slumbering, fills the room with the quiet, rhythmic sounds of exhausted breath. 4:30am. Probably best not to risk waking her, Airyn thinks to herself. She grabs a pen and her journal, evading even Eidolon’s attention as she exits the room. Stealthy as if she were in feline form, Airyn moves through the halls and out the doors of the building, making her way back to her normal spot in the woods. The rain drizzles steadily, though it's not bad enough to deter the girl from hunching over her journal. Thoughts ripple through her mind as she gathers her clothes and adds the extra layers to her body, glad for some warmth in the cool, damp darkness of rainy morning.

Scribbling away frantically, Airyn fails to notice the pale moonlight as it fades into the dim sky—the sun’s arrival into the gloomy, drizzling sky is nearing, without even a welcoming glance from the girl. She is intent upon her thoughts, pouring them out onto the paper as fast as the rain pours itsself onto her, seeping through her clothes. Airyn allows the thin rays of light that break through the clouds to splash upon her face. She pays no heed to either sun nor rain, both are equally shut out of her mind at the moment as she finally brings herself to stand.

Removing the clothes of the day before, Airyn returns in her sopping pajamas, carrying with her the surprisingly dry journal and the drenched attire. She quickly makes her way back into the room, putting her stuff away, changing into dry clothes, and slipping between the sheets once again. A glance at the clock informs her that three hours of writing are not enough to rid her mind of these thoughts. Confusion clings to her brain, as she thinks—missing one, curious of the other, and unsure of herself.

Has she come back, in a sense? Her thoughts are as conflicted as the weather outside. A sudden clap of thunder reminds her that she was lucky enough to catch the lightest part of the storm. How true is that to her own life? Only time can tell…Airyn allows herself to drift back into a restless sleep, awaiting only the shrill scream of the alarm that will shortly follow.
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Posted by:kainsilkfist.
Time:4:08 am.
Mood: exhausted.
Rick pulled his cloak close around him as he stepped through the outer gates. It wasn't quite light yet, but soon. The morning was a wet dreary one.

Bloddy hell, what witch brought this rain upon us, of all nights... it has to be the one I travel on foot. Fate and circumstance have a twisted sense of humor.

He had been hiking across the grasslands for days to avoid all towns and as many roads as possible. He was reasonably sure no one spotted him appraoching the school. There would be hell to pay if someone did.

The Sanctuary loomed in the darkness ahead. Rick took a deep breath, rain pattering against his face, and thought about the years he spent there.

"...and the teachers thought they were rid of me. Ha! Guess I won't have to sneak around in the teachers lounge anymore. I can sit back and enjoy my tea, Rictofen hating me every second of it." He talked to himself as he began the short journey to the towering front doors.

The creak the hinges made as the massive doors swung open brought a swell of memories rushing back. They never did oil the bloody thing....

"Ahh, Professor Constantine. The headmistress has been expecting you for three days now." Came a voice from inside. It was a member of the faculty Rick didn't recognize.

"I got caught up in shifty business in Dublin. Let me tell you man, a drunken bloke's girlfriend is not the best person to get acquainted with." The faculty gave him a look as if he was a student who had broken the rules. "What?" Rick continued innocently. "I was just asking directions. Honest!" A grin spread his face and he chuckled.

"Your personal life has no bearing here, especially when students are around." The faculty member said stiffely.

Rick looked around the main hall. It was empty save the two of them. He shrugged and responded. "What ever you say mate! Where might I find my quarters? This bag has worn out its welcome on my back." He knew full well where the professors quarters were, he had raided them many times in years past. Still, he had a front to keep up.

"You can call me Professor Goren." Rick could tell Goren already didn't like him much. "Your quarters are on the fourth floor in the west wing. Your name has been put on one of the doors there. You can't miss it." Goren immediately walked on, putting an effective end to the conversation.

Rick moved on through the castle to his room. He knew countless shortcuts and secret passages, but he'd save knowledge of those for later. His meeting with the headmistress was in a few hours, he was tired and hungry, plus he needed to quickly throw together a lesson plan. He had much to do, so naturally he went straight to sleep and set an alarm clock to wake him for his meeting.

Pleasure first. He thought as he drifted off to dreamland for a couple hours.
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Subject:Stats... because Michi made me...
Posted by:kainsilkfist.
Time:3:14 am.
Mood: indescribable.
Professor Rick Constantine, Science instructor.

Magick: Control of light (spark)

Appearance: Hes 6'6, has long brown hair and is usually not shaven. Hes very tall and lankey. (in other words... a lot like me).

Age: 25

History: He was born to a middle class family in london. They themselves had no Magickal abilities, so at age 7 when strange things happened around the house they didn't even know to connect it with their son. Rick lived a boring life at home, hated school, and generally kept to himself. He had a small ring of friends, but not much to speak of. Slowly, though, he developed a warped sense of humor and became a merciless practical joker.

At the age of 13, still unaware that Magick existed, he managed to intensify a light bulb in the grocery store to the point of temporarily blinding several people. One of those people knew Magick, and told the boy about The Sanctuary. He told his parents, who laughed a bit at the idea of magick, and they ignored it. So he ran away to find this school for himself.

His years at The Sanctuary were very eventful. His grades were pretty horrible, and his record much worse. The teachers never thought much of him, but the student body soon revered his pranks and stunts as stuff of legend. Some of his escapades are still told in the dormitories late at night. When he graduated, most teachers were glad to see him go, but the Headmistress, a wise woman, made note of his positive qualities: his resourcefulness and quick wit.

Not many know of his years after graduation, but this year Rick turned up at the school looking for a job. The Headmistress, after much persuading of course, agreed to give him a chance.
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Monday, December 15th, 2003

Subject:On nights, like this.
Posted by:kazeninatari.
Time:9:43 am.
Haru stepped out into the carress of the falling drops.

Her gaze fixed upon an aquamarine light coming from one of the windows on her hall. A brilliant bolt of lightning struck an object close enough to make her breath alive with electricity.

The light.

She turned, and it was gone, but the memory of it made her smile as she turned back to the pre-dawn morning and began to sing:

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops,
oh what a wonderful world it would be!

Two pairs of eyes were watching her, one from the window and one from the forest. The intentions were unknown to both of them.

"Yeah. It seemed pretty real." She didn't know who she was responding to, and the more she thought about it, the less she understood. The intuition was tucked away in the laugh-lines of the sidewalk.
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Tuesday, December 9th, 2003

Subject:The lights go out and I can't be saved
Posted by:oceanwhisper.
Time:1:31 am.
Mood: sleepy.
Michi got settled into bed. It was almost 10:30, which was lights out for students at The Sanctuary. Wakusei looked over at her from her own bed where she was reading a comic book. "There's going to be a bonfire on Friday, weather permitting." Michi blinked her velvety brown eyes. "Really?" "Yeah. Leave it to the professors to pick the day we have to pick up our class schedules the same day as a bonfire." Michi grinned. "Why shouldn't they throw in a little responsibility with some fun?" "Don't you mean a little fun with a LOT of responsibility?" Her friend asked, rolling her eyes. "Perhaps." Wakusei shook her head as if to clear the thought from her mind. "What story do you think they'll tell?" It was a tradition at the school to tell a story that had some connection to magick and it's past during the bonfires. "How should I know? They always make it a surprise." The other girl shrugged in response. "I just hope something interesting happens in it... All those stories where they go on about 'the Goddess created this' and 'the Gods oversee such and such'... I might as well set my desk on fire in history of magick class and call it the bonfire story." Michi laughed, knowing she was really only half-kidding. "Well if it gets too boring we can sneak off to the lake and see if the fish have anything interesting to say." She offered. "They're boring too! Besides, I can't talk to them... You only relay all the conversations to me." Wakusei sighed. "That's the downfall to a school in the middle of nowhere... There's nowhere fun to sneak off to. Remember in middle school when we'd all make a game of sneaking off at lunch?" A smiled crept across Michi's lips at the memory. "Everyone hated us because we never got caught." Wakusei raised an eyebrow. "Everyone hated us, period." The smile deflated into a frown. "Yeah... But look at us now!" Michi exclaimed, sweeping over the room with her hand. "Ha ha... They'd love this." Was the sarcastic reply. Michi's smile returned. "Go to sleep you complainer!" She teased. "Fine then, I will!" Wakusei playfully stuck her tongue out and tossed her comic book on the night-stand by her bed. "Good night, Wakusei." Michi chuckled. "Night!" Wakusei switched off her table lamp and the room was shrouded with an inky black darkness. Michi rolled over to face the large window that covered part of the back wall of the room. "It's going to rain..." She murmured, an odd buzzing sensation forming in her head.

Hours later Wakusei awoke suddenly to the sound of rain beating against the room's only window. She blinked several times, her mind fuzzy with sleep. "Oh the emerald isle..." She said groggily, looking at the digital clock on her night-stand. The time 1:03 am glared back at her with a ruby red glow. She looked toward Michi's bed, yawned and lay back down to fall asleep again, too hazy to notice her friend's bed was empty.

Michi stood at the back door leading out of the East Tower. Creaking it open just a bit she could see the rain pouring down outside. Ireland was a liquid witches' dream with it's almost constant downpour. The scent of the rain enticed her and she stepped outside into the night. Instantly the heavy cream colored car coat she wore over he pajama's was speckled with millions of tiny wet spots and her dark purple tinted hair was dripping with water. Michi smiled as the rain ran down her face, feeling alive and refreshed. Lifting an already soaked sleeve, she spoke softly. "Separate." Barely noticeable in the thin beam from her flashlight, a gap formed in the sheets of water and continued to grow in length, creating a dry path to the lake. It wasn't so much the desire to keep more water off of her body than the sheer glee at being able to manipulate the element so easily that provoked her creation of the path. Michi moved forward, walking towards her destination slowly. No one would be able to notice her in the downpour, and she had a nagging feeling she needed to visit the lake's inhabitant's. In the back of her head there was a loud buzzing, steadily growing louder with each step towards her goal. Behind her the invisible walls keeping the water at bay were releasing their hold, allowing the rain to fall back into place as she walked along. After 6 minutes or so she stood on the shore of the lake, only a small dry circle around her now. The buzzing was louder than ever now, hinging closely on fogging her concentration. Kneeling down, Michi dipped her hand into the water. Come to me little friends... Let's have a little chat... She repeated the mental call several times before getting a response. "I have come. Are you the water witch I have heard of before? The one who speaks with us, but never torments the water dwellers for fun?" Michi smiled. That is who I am. Have we not spoken before? "No, though I am honored to speak now. Is there something you have come to inquire about?" The strange buzzing increased suddenly and Michi's brow became furrowed with intense concentration. Yes, there is. Has there been anything... Unusual happening around here lately?. There was a pause as the creature collected it's thoughts. "Indeed... One thing I know of. There was a man here several months ago. He... Murdered several members of our community." Michi frowned. That seemed strange... It certainly couldn't be a member of the school's staff at any rate. I am sorry for the loss of their lives. Who was this man? Another pause, this time longer than the last. "We... Do not know. Only that he was a powerful water witch." "I figured as much..." Michi said aloud, her voice filled with dread. Thank you for that information. I must be heading back now. May the days treat you well. "And you, good witch." With that, the presence left Michi's mind and she stood. The buzzing sound had certainly become unbearable and she was feeling a little woozy from the use of so much magick while trying to block out the sound at the same time. It started to overwhelm her senses. She put a hand to her forehead and blinked painfully. Suddenly, a strange voice filled her mind. "Turn around, little one." Almost as if she had no control over her own movements, Michi turned and looked out onto the lake. A dark figure of a man stood out upon the water. Her brown eyes widened in surprise. "A liquid witch..." She breathed. The figure chuckled and then did a back flip, running across the lake's surface and into the woods. Michi watched for a moment before the horrible buzzing became too much for her to bear and she collapse in a heap on the ground, the rain swallowing her up as she lost control over it.

Michi sat up in bed, her body drenched in a cold sweat. Her heart beat quickly in her chest, as if she'd just jogged a mile. Outside the rain could be heard, pummeling the window as it fell steadily from the sky. It was just a dream... She realized, relief washing over her. Across the room Wakusei slept soundly, her own dreams a mystery. Somewhere else in the castle there was a deep booming sound, as if there had been an explosion. Michi blinked. "It was... Right...?"
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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003

Subject:Better late than never?
Posted by:mad_marionette.
Time:12:40 am.
I'm sorry everyone, you'll have to forgive me. I'm having a lot of trouble writing, I don’t do it to often. Ok, here’s what I got, it's just a character bio, but its a start......I guess...

Name (Hungarian names are said with the surname first).
Kis Zsiga (but calls himself Csalo or Mica)

Age. 16 (Tells everyone he's 18)

Birthday. September 6, 1987 (Virgo)

Description. Tall (6'2"), with a wiery, somewhat skinny, build. Weighs somewhere around 140lbs. His face is almost childlike, or even girly, in appearance and structure. Punked out hair, dyed black with bright green streaks and cut almost chin length with longer parts jutting out in seemingly random directions. Has Pale brown eyes with flecks of emerald. Light skinned with almost olive undertones.

An eight pointed star encircled by a spiral line pattern similar to a thorny vine is tattooed in between his shoulders. A similar vine pattern trails up and around his right shoulder and down his arm. Another vine marks the right side of his face and runs down to wrap around his neck.
The same eight pointed star hangs from a long black cord around his neck. He wears five various small rings in his ears, three in the right, two in the left. Has an eyebrow ring on the left side and a stud just below the middle of his lip.

Magick. Natural. Can animate plants, and sometimes with great strain even the ground itself, and cause them/it to move on their/its own, or by his force of will. He can't, however, make plants grow any larger than they already are.

Background. Born in Debreczan, Hungary. He lived in illegal loft housing in the slums of the city with his parents. His parents made their money as drug dealers, but wasted it all on their own addictions. He had to live off of the meager scraps left by his parents or from what he could find himself. When he was 13 he left his parents, cut and dyed his hair, changed his clothes, his name, his whole appearance, and disappeared into the city streets. Because there were no records of him ever existing it was easy for him to be forgotten, his parents simply assumed him to be dead.
He stayed in Debreczan for the next two years, stealing to maintain his existence and associating with other street kids and runaways. Then, by either fate or chance, he was accepted into a group of gypsies passing through the city. Through them, he heard about the man who would eventually take him to the sanctuary, Vargha Mihaly, an occultist who was able to recognize Csalo’s talent.

Personality. Angsty. Though he is not vocal or destructive, he comes across as being bitter and angry towards everything. He seems cold and hardened, like he doesn’t care at all. The truth is, however, that he pretends to be tougher than he really is. He was forced to survive on his own, and he had to prove to himself and others that he really could.
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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003

Subject:Maybe this will get some attention...
Posted by:airyn.
Time:9:23 pm.
Mood: bored.
Airyn awoke in a cold sweat. She instantly sat up in bed, looking couldn't be! Such a horrible nightmare...but no, Aithne was alseep, as was Eidolon. Surely not...surely her nightmare was not true.
What is it, Airyn?
She was wrong. Eidolon was awake. Stroking her familiar between the ears, Airyn shivered, despite the warmth of the room.
"I...I had this terrible nightmare..."
Eidolon looked up expectantly.
Airyn sighed...

"...I dreamt that nobody ever, EVER posted in strange_magick..."
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Saturday, November 22nd, 2003

Posted by:airyn.
Time:7:12 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
Airyn slinks silently out of the room—so this girl must be for real. She heard her talking to her familiar. And why hadn’t the other cat sensed her? Airyn suspected that her attention was focused more on Dharba. With a twitch of the tail, Airyn races down the hall, paws barely touching the ground. She’s tired and hungry, and it would probably be in her best interest to go to bed. As she approaches her room, a realization strikes her—how is she going to get in? Damn! She butts her head up against the door a few times, then decides that it would be better suited as a scratching post.

From within the room, Eidolon perks her ears--Airyn? Her query is returned with a scratch on the door. She looks over at Aithne, who makes no move to react. Well, I certainly can’t open the door, she responds, leaping onto Aithne’s bed. She mews softly a few times, nudging Aithne. She is rewarded by Aithne’s irritated huff. “What..? Fine, fine…but if there’s no one there, I’ll be pissed.” Eidolon leaps down triumphantly as Aithne sets down the book she had been reading, and opens the door.

As the door opens, a black cat swiftly makes her way in the room, hopping on Airyn’s bed. Luckily, Aithne seems to understand almost immediately and returns to her bed. “Go ahead and change back…I won’t peek,” the girl assures the temporary cat as she turns to face the wall. Airyn’s tail seems to shrink back into her body as her ears move down towards the side of her head. She grows taller, most of the hair on her body disappearing until she returns to her human form, standing upright and quite naked.

“Uhm…Aithne? I haven’t unpacked all my clothes…you wouldn’t happen to have a robe over there, would you?” Airyn blushed, facing away from her roommate and feeling incredibly exposed.

“Hang on…” Aithne, luckily had just showered. She grabs a damp towel from the foot of her bed and extends it towards Airyn. “There you go,” she says as Airyn takes the towel.

“Thanks,” the apparent nudist responds, embarrassed as she covers herself in the towel. “I guess…maybe I should’ve gone back into the woods and changed, first. I think my keys are out there too—damn.” She rummages through her bags, finding some pajamas to change into.

Aithne nods, mumbling a quick, “Your welcome” as she goes back to reading. Her back still facing Airyn, she seems to show a slight curiosity, and wonders aloud, “So, were you just prancing around campus in your feline form, or what?”

Airyn pauses to pull her shirt over her head, setting the towel back on Aithne’s bedpost where it had been. “I…was following Clover.”

“Oh. Her.” Aithne turns for a moment, eyes flaring up in anger. “Was she still bothering you?”

Shaking her head, Airyn seems strangely defensive of the girl. “She followed me into the woods…she just wanted to talk, I think. She…apparently has animal magick as well. But even though she could have, and started to use it to find me, she didn’t. I just wanted to see if she was for real—I followed her into her room, there’s a picture of Dharba from when she was little. And she had one of Dharba and me.” Airyn pushes back the confusion that saturates her emotions as she shrugs herself under the covers. “Anyway, I guess I’ll see what happens…I don’t think she meant me harm, really.”

Aithne responds with a silent nod, and the two girls exchange goodnights as they turn to their respective books, delving their minds into literature until the time comes to be consumed by dreams.
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Wednesday, November 19th, 2003

Subject:chips of love
Posted by:planetsenshi.
Time:3:12 pm.
Mood: hungry.
"Damn machine...damn foreign money..." Wakusei mumbled to herself as the snack machine rejected her money for the fourth time, "I'm hungrrrrry...."

...and she was hungry. It had been a while since dinner, and even then she hadn't eaten much after the incident with Airyn and that girl. And after going through that long orientation without food....

After trying once more, she smiled, as a small bag of chips finally began moving towards her. "Alright! Fifth time's a charm!" The chips stopped moving...they were stuck. "DAMMIT!!! Anyone got telekinesis around here?!?!" she shouted at a few surrounding students, who just took one look before running in fear. "...Wonder what's their problem..." Wakusei pondered to herself.

After a few minutes, and a few dents in the machine, Wakusei skipped away happily with her lovely bag of chips. "Fooood is sooo haaappy..." she sang to herself as she walked in the isolated halls of the East Tower. Everyone was settling down for the night, Wakusei loved how peaceful it felt. nice and undisturb--"EEP!!" Wakusei screamed as she bumped staight into another student. "Owwies...sorry about that, are you're tall." Wakusei said, staring up in amazement at the girl she just ran into. Mame smiled meakly in return, "I'm srry too" she replied. Wakusei couldn't help but grin...she loved accents. Hell, it was one of the top reasons she loved this school; accents were everywhere. "Where you headed?" Wakusei asked. "Room 55" Mame answered. "Awesome! That makes us neighbors! I'm in room 54," Wakusei smiled. Mame smiled back. Wakusei spoke on, "Shall we then?" she motioned the way, Mame nodded. "I'm Wakusei, by the way...what's your name?" "Mame!" Mame replied, happy to hear another Japanese name. The new friends smiled to one another as they accended into the tower towards their rooms.
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Subject:A Lonely Walk "Home..."
Posted by:earthangelmisha.
Time:12:07 am.
Up the stairs...

The night had already begun to set in; a thick indigo blanket crept from the eastern side of the sky, desperately trying to cover the stray trails of sunlight which caught the remaining clouds so nicely.

Yes. A part of her had wished that Airyn had followed her, but she couldn't really blame her for not doing so. Why would she? Following a strange girl who seemed a bit ackward and out of place - certainly a foreigner, and outspoken nonetheless! Closing her eyes, she sighs; by the time her eyes open again, her hand meets the doorknob.

This is my home now. I have to remember that. And...even if I don't have anyone else, at least I have Serebi, and the trees and forest creatures. Maybe that is how it is meant to be...

Leaving her door open behind her, she doesn't seem to notice this. If anyone or anything were following her, they'd be free to entre her room.

As for Clover, the room remains dark - that is, until she lights a single candle nearby what looks to be a makeshift altar of somesort.

"Dharba...I'm sorry." Her hands grasp at what looks to be a worn picture of herself and her cousin. "Maybe...maybe I am wrong to try to befriend someone that you held close to you. Is that the curse or misfortune I've gained from loosing touch with you...?" Her hands fish through a stack of worn papers; what she holds in her hands now, is the picture of Dharba and Airyn that her aunt had given to her.

It's okay. It's not your fault. You can tell me all about it when you're ready to talk... Serebi curled around her familiar's leg in a comforting fashion.

"What's to say..? I did something probably rather foolish, not to mention harass someone. I think I'll stick to the forest creatures and trees, from now on if I feel the urge to socialize."

With that, she shrugged gently before blowing the candle out.
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Tuesday, November 18th, 2003

Posted by:crowchan.
Time:2:10 pm.
Mood: content.

Following Katy's's Aithne. ^.^ Kind of a quick picture but it still gets the point across...forgot the jewelry, though. ^^;;
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Monday, November 17th, 2003

Posted by:kiyoku.
Time:2:50 am.
Mood: happy.

'tis my character like person. ^_^ >
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Friday, November 14th, 2003

Subject:Perhaps setting things up...
Posted by:kazeninatari.
Time:1:02 pm.
Mood: distressed.
Haru headed back to her room after a somewhat uneventful orientation meeting. No one talked to her, and after trying to get into a few conversations, she didn't catch much more about anything. The wind shared her grievance and blew coldly against her pants that proved to be too thin.

The light was on in her room. Brightening at the thought of someone -finally- to talk to, she moved up towards the door... only to find both of the beds occupied.

"Hi... um... is this your room...too?"
"Yeah. Twenty-one. Where are you?"
"I..uh.. thought I was in here, but maybe not."

She pulled out the sheet of paper, and she wanted to cry. Fifty-one. She turned into a dyslexic when she was stressed.

"I'm sorry. I'll just get this stuff out of your way... and I'll be on my way. Sorry again."
"It's okay."

Her stuff was jammed into her suitcase, and she prepared for her three-flight journey.

She only made it to the second landing before she tripped. She bit down at the shock of her knee. Damnitt. Damnittdamnittdamnitt. DAMN. IT. It wasn't bleeding, but it hurt. She left her suitcase on the stairs, teetering between stability and falling, and let the tears fall down, wishing she was home.
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