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Excerpts from Airyn's journal entry

Airyn slumbers peacefully, paying no heed to the world around her. Under the covers, tightly clutched in her hand, is the journal. All of her fears, uncertainties, and observations have been drained into this small volume, to be read only by her:

This water is dripping constantly, a reminder of the leaking in my mind and heart, my heart of pain—who causes the pain? Me or my friends or my love or its loss? Who is she to replace my love, to come bearing her name (or blood, in the least)…I awoke with a crash of realization. Realizing her, me, her loss, but it turned out to be only a missing wall and a shattered door. Symbolism surpasses my own thoughts with its reality…

…Under this canopy of frozen glass I am shielded and sheltered, for no longer do I fear the wrath of my own hand—she will protect me even in death, as she says in her love…

…With what have these crashings joined, deafening my head with their sounds? Only in the torrents of wind and fear, displacement of agony, can such actions occur, yet one has destroyed stone (not far from me at all) and in my own denial, I will not acknowledge it. Rather, I will attend its presence as I would a stingless wasp, without restraint, reigning caution to please the onlookers of the battle between enraged insect and mortal human…

…and thus, under no circumstances shall I tend to my own fears in matters of such. Pain? Love? What arrogance could I possess to rid myself these filthy discrepancies upon my particular being? Do not desert me now, my love, for one of your own bloodline has come to torment me with memories of you. Shall I or shall I not seek out such mysteries as her, understanding the deathless remedies that arise within the walls of this institution? Perhaps I am trapped, or perhaps I am free.

Drip. Drip. Drip. It continues. I end.
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