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I gotta lot of what it takes to get along!

Huh? What was that?

Rick stepped out of his room, listening intently to the empty hall. He could have sworn he heard footsteps, then a faint splash.

A water witch is around here somewhere... or else the maids spilled a pitcher of water.

He looked carefully at the floor up and down the hall. No puddles, no maids... it was a water witch for sure.

His eye did catch a faint glint infront of the door next to his. Distracted for a moment, he glared at it.

Is it a trap? He examined it carefully, no wires or anything of the sort were visible. He tapped it, wincing in preperation for a tidal wave or some other magickal trap... but nothing happened.

"Hot damn! Money for me!" He scooped it up with a wide grin, which was quickly shattered by an audible "Ahem!" from behind him. He turned quickly with a start. It was rare anyone ever sneaked up behind him, but the prospect of money had him distracted.

A rather attractive witch was standing there, with an appraising look in her eye as it passed up and down, inside and out Rick.

"Thank you kindly for finding my earring sir." She said with a friendly, yet stern voice. "I must have dropped it on my way out of my room."

Rick examined the name on the door. McDonald. "Wha... huh? OH! This... right... there you go then." He said sheepishly as he handed it over. "I was just on my way to find you..."

"Right..." She said with an almost inperceptible roll of her eye. "Why haven't you been cleaning up the rubble with the other professors?" She questioned the shady looking man.

"The what? I just got here a few hours ago..."

"The explosion. A poor young telekinetic witch had an accident. He blew his whole wall out onto the grounds. Hes in the infirmary, quite traumatized."

"Thats a cryin' damn shame miss... say? Would a gem like you care for a cup of tea?" His grin back in full force.

Rolling her eyes completely this time, and shaking her head a bit, she walked on down the hall. "I, like you, have work to do. Good day." She had recognized the earring, and was taking it swiftly back to its owner.

As soon as the hall was empty again... "Double damn! Just when a guy thinks hes catching a break."

Disappointed in the loss of the free money, Rick begins his slow stroll to the headmistress' office.
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