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A Kiss to the Rain...?



The rain fell like rapidly but not heavily, as if the heavens were crying down to the earth below. Lightning does not yet streak across the grey skies and nor does it threaten to do so - Clover probably wouldn't be sitting in the tall tree if it had looked that way.

She holds her head high, eyes closed away from the world as if she were meditating; the rain does not seem to soak her even though it might appear that way to some, but rather clense her. Her hair is a subdued tone from the percipitation and she holds a dark green cloak closely to her body; one might think she blends in almost perfectly to the tree.

Serebi is not here - should I feel lonely? But even with her around, I am never truly alone...however... Clover turns her head gently at what sounds to be the gentle noise of talking. Who...?

Gently sliding along the branch of the tree, her hands move to steady herself as she approaches the window she hadn't seemed to have noticed earlier.

Peering in, an eyebrow raises then.

Airyn? This was her room..?

Had it been merely coicindental or had it some other meaning? Either way, the red-head continues to look into the window, growing more and more curious of what Dharba's kin is up to... Not thinking much of it, she places a hand on the tiny sill; another one rests on the pane of the window to steady herself - hopefully no one unwanting will notice...
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