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A stubborn whim (Airyn's thoughts and my post--Chris and Bridget make me sad with their non-posting)

Airyn awakes with a yawn. Blinking rapidly, she peers into the darkness of the room—not even dawn yet. Aithne, peacefully slumbering, fills the room with the quiet, rhythmic sounds of exhausted breath. 4:30am. Probably best not to risk waking her, Airyn thinks to herself. She grabs a pen and her journal, evading even Eidolon’s attention as she exits the room. Stealthy as if she were in feline form, Airyn moves through the halls and out the doors of the building, making her way back to her normal spot in the woods. The rain drizzles steadily, though it's not bad enough to deter the girl from hunching over her journal. Thoughts ripple through her mind as she gathers her clothes and adds the extra layers to her body, glad for some warmth in the cool, damp darkness of rainy morning.

Scribbling away frantically, Airyn fails to notice the pale moonlight as it fades into the dim sky—the sun’s arrival into the gloomy, drizzling sky is nearing, without even a welcoming glance from the girl. She is intent upon her thoughts, pouring them out onto the paper as fast as the rain pours itsself onto her, seeping through her clothes. Airyn allows the thin rays of light that break through the clouds to splash upon her face. She pays no heed to either sun nor rain, both are equally shut out of her mind at the moment as she finally brings herself to stand.

Removing the clothes of the day before, Airyn returns in her sopping pajamas, carrying with her the surprisingly dry journal and the drenched attire. She quickly makes her way back into the room, putting her stuff away, changing into dry clothes, and slipping between the sheets once again. A glance at the clock informs her that three hours of writing are not enough to rid her mind of these thoughts. Confusion clings to her brain, as she thinks—missing one, curious of the other, and unsure of herself.

Has she come back, in a sense? Her thoughts are as conflicted as the weather outside. A sudden clap of thunder reminds her that she was lucky enough to catch the lightest part of the storm. How true is that to her own life? Only time can tell…Airyn allows herself to drift back into a restless sleep, awaiting only the shrill scream of the alarm that will shortly follow.
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