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Rick pulled his cloak close around him as he stepped through the outer gates. It wasn't quite light yet, but soon. The morning was a wet dreary one.

Bloddy hell, what witch brought this rain upon us, of all nights... it has to be the one I travel on foot. Fate and circumstance have a twisted sense of humor.

He had been hiking across the grasslands for days to avoid all towns and as many roads as possible. He was reasonably sure no one spotted him appraoching the school. There would be hell to pay if someone did.

The Sanctuary loomed in the darkness ahead. Rick took a deep breath, rain pattering against his face, and thought about the years he spent there.

"...and the teachers thought they were rid of me. Ha! Guess I won't have to sneak around in the teachers lounge anymore. I can sit back and enjoy my tea, Rictofen hating me every second of it." He talked to himself as he began the short journey to the towering front doors.

The creak the hinges made as the massive doors swung open brought a swell of memories rushing back. They never did oil the bloody thing....

"Ahh, Professor Constantine. The headmistress has been expecting you for three days now." Came a voice from inside. It was a member of the faculty Rick didn't recognize.

"I got caught up in shifty business in Dublin. Let me tell you man, a drunken bloke's girlfriend is not the best person to get acquainted with." The faculty gave him a look as if he was a student who had broken the rules. "What?" Rick continued innocently. "I was just asking directions. Honest!" A grin spread his face and he chuckled.

"Your personal life has no bearing here, especially when students are around." The faculty member said stiffely.

Rick looked around the main hall. It was empty save the two of them. He shrugged and responded. "What ever you say mate! Where might I find my quarters? This bag has worn out its welcome on my back." He knew full well where the professors quarters were, he had raided them many times in years past. Still, he had a front to keep up.

"You can call me Professor Goren." Rick could tell Goren already didn't like him much. "Your quarters are on the fourth floor in the west wing. Your name has been put on one of the doors there. You can't miss it." Goren immediately walked on, putting an effective end to the conversation.

Rick moved on through the castle to his room. He knew countless shortcuts and secret passages, but he'd save knowledge of those for later. His meeting with the headmistress was in a few hours, he was tired and hungry, plus he needed to quickly throw together a lesson plan. He had much to do, so naturally he went straight to sleep and set an alarm clock to wake him for his meeting.

Pleasure first. He thought as he drifted off to dreamland for a couple hours.
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