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Stats... because Michi made me...

Professor Rick Constantine, Science instructor.

Magick: Control of light (spark)

Appearance: Hes 6'6, has long brown hair and is usually not shaven. Hes very tall and lankey. (in other words... a lot like me).

Age: 25

History: He was born to a middle class family in london. They themselves had no Magickal abilities, so at age 7 when strange things happened around the house they didn't even know to connect it with their son. Rick lived a boring life at home, hated school, and generally kept to himself. He had a small ring of friends, but not much to speak of. Slowly, though, he developed a warped sense of humor and became a merciless practical joker.

At the age of 13, still unaware that Magick existed, he managed to intensify a light bulb in the grocery store to the point of temporarily blinding several people. One of those people knew Magick, and told the boy about The Sanctuary. He told his parents, who laughed a bit at the idea of magick, and they ignored it. So he ran away to find this school for himself.

His years at The Sanctuary were very eventful. His grades were pretty horrible, and his record much worse. The teachers never thought much of him, but the student body soon revered his pranks and stunts as stuff of legend. Some of his escapades are still told in the dormitories late at night. When he graduated, most teachers were glad to see him go, but the Headmistress, a wise woman, made note of his positive qualities: his resourcefulness and quick wit.

Not many know of his years after graduation, but this year Rick turned up at the school looking for a job. The Headmistress, after much persuading of course, agreed to give him a chance.
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