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The lights go out and I can't be saved

Michi got settled into bed. It was almost 10:30, which was lights out for students at The Sanctuary. Wakusei looked over at her from her own bed where she was reading a comic book. "There's going to be a bonfire on Friday, weather permitting." Michi blinked her velvety brown eyes. "Really?" "Yeah. Leave it to the professors to pick the day we have to pick up our class schedules the same day as a bonfire." Michi grinned. "Why shouldn't they throw in a little responsibility with some fun?" "Don't you mean a little fun with a LOT of responsibility?" Her friend asked, rolling her eyes. "Perhaps." Wakusei shook her head as if to clear the thought from her mind. "What story do you think they'll tell?" It was a tradition at the school to tell a story that had some connection to magick and it's past during the bonfires. "How should I know? They always make it a surprise." The other girl shrugged in response. "I just hope something interesting happens in it... All those stories where they go on about 'the Goddess created this' and 'the Gods oversee such and such'... I might as well set my desk on fire in history of magick class and call it the bonfire story." Michi laughed, knowing she was really only half-kidding. "Well if it gets too boring we can sneak off to the lake and see if the fish have anything interesting to say." She offered. "They're boring too! Besides, I can't talk to them... You only relay all the conversations to me." Wakusei sighed. "That's the downfall to a school in the middle of nowhere... There's nowhere fun to sneak off to. Remember in middle school when we'd all make a game of sneaking off at lunch?" A smiled crept across Michi's lips at the memory. "Everyone hated us because we never got caught." Wakusei raised an eyebrow. "Everyone hated us, period." The smile deflated into a frown. "Yeah... But look at us now!" Michi exclaimed, sweeping over the room with her hand. "Ha ha... They'd love this." Was the sarcastic reply. Michi's smile returned. "Go to sleep you complainer!" She teased. "Fine then, I will!" Wakusei playfully stuck her tongue out and tossed her comic book on the night-stand by her bed. "Good night, Wakusei." Michi chuckled. "Night!" Wakusei switched off her table lamp and the room was shrouded with an inky black darkness. Michi rolled over to face the large window that covered part of the back wall of the room. "It's going to rain..." She murmured, an odd buzzing sensation forming in her head.

Hours later Wakusei awoke suddenly to the sound of rain beating against the room's only window. She blinked several times, her mind fuzzy with sleep. "Oh the emerald isle..." She said groggily, looking at the digital clock on her night-stand. The time 1:03 am glared back at her with a ruby red glow. She looked toward Michi's bed, yawned and lay back down to fall asleep again, too hazy to notice her friend's bed was empty.

Michi stood at the back door leading out of the East Tower. Creaking it open just a bit she could see the rain pouring down outside. Ireland was a liquid witches' dream with it's almost constant downpour. The scent of the rain enticed her and she stepped outside into the night. Instantly the heavy cream colored car coat she wore over he pajama's was speckled with millions of tiny wet spots and her dark purple tinted hair was dripping with water. Michi smiled as the rain ran down her face, feeling alive and refreshed. Lifting an already soaked sleeve, she spoke softly. "Separate." Barely noticeable in the thin beam from her flashlight, a gap formed in the sheets of water and continued to grow in length, creating a dry path to the lake. It wasn't so much the desire to keep more water off of her body than the sheer glee at being able to manipulate the element so easily that provoked her creation of the path. Michi moved forward, walking towards her destination slowly. No one would be able to notice her in the downpour, and she had a nagging feeling she needed to visit the lake's inhabitant's. In the back of her head there was a loud buzzing, steadily growing louder with each step towards her goal. Behind her the invisible walls keeping the water at bay were releasing their hold, allowing the rain to fall back into place as she walked along. After 6 minutes or so she stood on the shore of the lake, only a small dry circle around her now. The buzzing was louder than ever now, hinging closely on fogging her concentration. Kneeling down, Michi dipped her hand into the water. Come to me little friends... Let's have a little chat... She repeated the mental call several times before getting a response. "I have come. Are you the water witch I have heard of before? The one who speaks with us, but never torments the water dwellers for fun?" Michi smiled. That is who I am. Have we not spoken before? "No, though I am honored to speak now. Is there something you have come to inquire about?" The strange buzzing increased suddenly and Michi's brow became furrowed with intense concentration. Yes, there is. Has there been anything... Unusual happening around here lately?. There was a pause as the creature collected it's thoughts. "Indeed... One thing I know of. There was a man here several months ago. He... Murdered several members of our community." Michi frowned. That seemed strange... It certainly couldn't be a member of the school's staff at any rate. I am sorry for the loss of their lives. Who was this man? Another pause, this time longer than the last. "We... Do not know. Only that he was a powerful water witch." "I figured as much..." Michi said aloud, her voice filled with dread. Thank you for that information. I must be heading back now. May the days treat you well. "And you, good witch." With that, the presence left Michi's mind and she stood. The buzzing sound had certainly become unbearable and she was feeling a little woozy from the use of so much magick while trying to block out the sound at the same time. It started to overwhelm her senses. She put a hand to her forehead and blinked painfully. Suddenly, a strange voice filled her mind. "Turn around, little one." Almost as if she had no control over her own movements, Michi turned and looked out onto the lake. A dark figure of a man stood out upon the water. Her brown eyes widened in surprise. "A liquid witch..." She breathed. The figure chuckled and then did a back flip, running across the lake's surface and into the woods. Michi watched for a moment before the horrible buzzing became too much for her to bear and she collapse in a heap on the ground, the rain swallowing her up as she lost control over it.

Michi sat up in bed, her body drenched in a cold sweat. Her heart beat quickly in her chest, as if she'd just jogged a mile. Outside the rain could be heard, pummeling the window as it fell steadily from the sky. It was just a dream... She realized, relief washing over her. Across the room Wakusei slept soundly, her own dreams a mystery. Somewhere else in the castle there was a deep booming sound, as if there had been an explosion. Michi blinked. "It was... Right...?"
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