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Better late than never?

I'm sorry everyone, you'll have to forgive me. I'm having a lot of trouble writing, I don’t do it to often. Ok, here’s what I got, it's just a character bio, but its a start......I guess...

Name (Hungarian names are said with the surname first).
Kis Zsiga (but calls himself Csalo or Mica)

Age. 16 (Tells everyone he's 18)

Birthday. September 6, 1987 (Virgo)

Description. Tall (6'2"), with a wiery, somewhat skinny, build. Weighs somewhere around 140lbs. His face is almost childlike, or even girly, in appearance and structure. Punked out hair, dyed black with bright green streaks and cut almost chin length with longer parts jutting out in seemingly random directions. Has Pale brown eyes with flecks of emerald. Light skinned with almost olive undertones.

An eight pointed star encircled by a spiral line pattern similar to a thorny vine is tattooed in between his shoulders. A similar vine pattern trails up and around his right shoulder and down his arm. Another vine marks the right side of his face and runs down to wrap around his neck.
The same eight pointed star hangs from a long black cord around his neck. He wears five various small rings in his ears, three in the right, two in the left. Has an eyebrow ring on the left side and a stud just below the middle of his lip.

Magick. Natural. Can animate plants, and sometimes with great strain even the ground itself, and cause them/it to move on their/its own, or by his force of will. He can't, however, make plants grow any larger than they already are.

Background. Born in Debreczan, Hungary. He lived in illegal loft housing in the slums of the city with his parents. His parents made their money as drug dealers, but wasted it all on their own addictions. He had to live off of the meager scraps left by his parents or from what he could find himself. When he was 13 he left his parents, cut and dyed his hair, changed his clothes, his name, his whole appearance, and disappeared into the city streets. Because there were no records of him ever existing it was easy for him to be forgotten, his parents simply assumed him to be dead.
He stayed in Debreczan for the next two years, stealing to maintain his existence and associating with other street kids and runaways. Then, by either fate or chance, he was accepted into a group of gypsies passing through the city. Through them, he heard about the man who would eventually take him to the sanctuary, Vargha Mihaly, an occultist who was able to recognize Csalo’s talent.

Personality. Angsty. Though he is not vocal or destructive, he comes across as being bitter and angry towards everything. He seems cold and hardened, like he doesn’t care at all. The truth is, however, that he pretends to be tougher than he really is. He was forced to survive on his own, and he had to prove to himself and others that he really could.
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