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Airyn slinks silently out of the room—so this girl must be for real. She heard her talking to her familiar. And why hadn’t the other cat sensed her? Airyn suspected that her attention was focused more on Dharba. With a twitch of the tail, Airyn races down the hall, paws barely touching the ground. She’s tired and hungry, and it would probably be in her best interest to go to bed. As she approaches her room, a realization strikes her—how is she going to get in? Damn! She butts her head up against the door a few times, then decides that it would be better suited as a scratching post.

From within the room, Eidolon perks her ears--Airyn? Her query is returned with a scratch on the door. She looks over at Aithne, who makes no move to react. Well, I certainly can’t open the door, she responds, leaping onto Aithne’s bed. She mews softly a few times, nudging Aithne. She is rewarded by Aithne’s irritated huff. “What..? Fine, fine…but if there’s no one there, I’ll be pissed.” Eidolon leaps down triumphantly as Aithne sets down the book she had been reading, and opens the door.

As the door opens, a black cat swiftly makes her way in the room, hopping on Airyn’s bed. Luckily, Aithne seems to understand almost immediately and returns to her bed. “Go ahead and change back…I won’t peek,” the girl assures the temporary cat as she turns to face the wall. Airyn’s tail seems to shrink back into her body as her ears move down towards the side of her head. She grows taller, most of the hair on her body disappearing until she returns to her human form, standing upright and quite naked.

“Uhm…Aithne? I haven’t unpacked all my clothes…you wouldn’t happen to have a robe over there, would you?” Airyn blushed, facing away from her roommate and feeling incredibly exposed.

“Hang on…” Aithne, luckily had just showered. She grabs a damp towel from the foot of her bed and extends it towards Airyn. “There you go,” she says as Airyn takes the towel.

“Thanks,” the apparent nudist responds, embarrassed as she covers herself in the towel. “I guess…maybe I should’ve gone back into the woods and changed, first. I think my keys are out there too—damn.” She rummages through her bags, finding some pajamas to change into.

Aithne nods, mumbling a quick, “Your welcome” as she goes back to reading. Her back still facing Airyn, she seems to show a slight curiosity, and wonders aloud, “So, were you just prancing around campus in your feline form, or what?”

Airyn pauses to pull her shirt over her head, setting the towel back on Aithne’s bedpost where it had been. “I…was following Clover.”

“Oh. Her.” Aithne turns for a moment, eyes flaring up in anger. “Was she still bothering you?”

Shaking her head, Airyn seems strangely defensive of the girl. “She followed me into the woods…she just wanted to talk, I think. She…apparently has animal magick as well. But even though she could have, and started to use it to find me, she didn’t. I just wanted to see if she was for real—I followed her into her room, there’s a picture of Dharba from when she was little. And she had one of Dharba and me.” Airyn pushes back the confusion that saturates her emotions as she shrugs herself under the covers. “Anyway, I guess I’ll see what happens…I don’t think she meant me harm, really.”

Aithne responds with a silent nod, and the two girls exchange goodnights as they turn to their respective books, delving their minds into literature until the time comes to be consumed by dreams.
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