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chips of love

"Damn machine...damn foreign money..." Wakusei mumbled to herself as the snack machine rejected her money for the fourth time, "I'm hungrrrrry...."

...and she was hungry. It had been a while since dinner, and even then she hadn't eaten much after the incident with Airyn and that girl. And after going through that long orientation without food....

After trying once more, she smiled, as a small bag of chips finally began moving towards her. "Alright! Fifth time's a charm!" The chips stopped moving...they were stuck. "DAMMIT!!! Anyone got telekinesis around here?!?!" she shouted at a few surrounding students, who just took one look before running in fear. "...Wonder what's their problem..." Wakusei pondered to herself.

After a few minutes, and a few dents in the machine, Wakusei skipped away happily with her lovely bag of chips. "Fooood is sooo haaappy..." she sang to herself as she walked in the isolated halls of the East Tower. Everyone was settling down for the night, Wakusei loved how peaceful it felt. Aa...so nice and quiet...so undisturb--"EEP!!" Wakusei screamed as she bumped staight into another student. "Owwies...sorry about that, are you o--whoa...you're tall." Wakusei said, staring up in amazement at the girl she just ran into. Mame smiled meakly in return, "I'm srry too" she replied. Wakusei couldn't help but grin...she loved accents. Hell, it was one of the top reasons she loved this school; accents were everywhere. "Where you headed?" Wakusei asked. "Room 55" Mame answered. "Awesome! That makes us neighbors! I'm in room 54," Wakusei smiled. Mame smiled back. Wakusei spoke on, "Shall we then?" she motioned the way, Mame nodded. "I'm Wakusei, by the way...what's your name?" "Mame!" Mame replied, happy to hear another Japanese name. The new friends smiled to one another as they accended into the tower towards their rooms.
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